By: Sara Williams

When considering colors that will be influential in fashion, beauty and home, there are sensational combinations dreamt up by experts and eye-candy enthusiasts alike. In 2015, luxurious combinations are slated to be the backdrop for a new brightness in the home.

What do the experts and trend forecasters predict? Color forecaster Pantone says that full-bodied Marsala is the way to go. Benjamin Moore picked Guilford Green. Sherwin Williams says it’s warm, rich Coral Reef. And York Wallcoverings, the wallpaper authority, announced Mink as the stellar supporting actress to the flash and dazzle of this year’s seasonal stars.


XOXO wallpaper from Stacy Garcia | New York for York Wallcoverings.

Then there’s the world beyond the ‘influential’ colors trending in everything from fashion and beauty to hearth and home. There are the colors and combinations that make us feel warm and fuzzy just because. A personal favorite of mine has always been Peacock. Proud and pretty, this bright teal blue demands a grand and rich complement, making it the perfect accent to York’s Mink tone. Indeed, this pairing has been well received on the runway and at home.


York Wallcoverings Paisley Stripe DK6089.

Sky blue and leaf green conjure images of a crisp Spring day with the bright blue sky playing backdrop to budding trees. Aqua and navy can be chic or casual with the underlying subtext of an exotic tropical destination.  And, oh, the bubbles of joy that surface with fuchsia and tangerine striking a perfect balance of youthful sophistication. Mix up that cheery pink and orange with deep blue and mint green for a mod combo that can’t help but make you smile.

Pink and Mint from HB

Bedroom by Jamie Drake, Drake Design Associates as seen at

I’d be remiss if I ignored the parade of pastels that whisper – rather than shout – a penchant for pretty colors. Dusty lavender warms up classic mint; sheer pink is a good bet with paired with dusty green; and baby blue becomes ageless and elegant when paired with sparkly silver or metallic gold.

Whatever the mix, a happy color combination can make a room sing or an outfit dance by the very nature of the fusion of each color’s individual attributes.